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Empty spaces are an illusion,

Haunted with Spirits of past,

Spirits of present and

Spirits yet to come.

Holding the secrets of an everlasting life.


Now If Darwin were right,

And evolution is a real thing,

Our eyes may someday see more than it sees today.

We might see ghosts walking over, passing through and

Making funny faces that might scare you.

Your guardian angel might feel a bit burden free;

Now that it can twist your ear and make you problem free.

Oh, how much of a hassle free life that would be.

Secrets of life on every tongue,

Not secrets anymore.

The bridge between life and divine will finally be here.

No fear of death I presume will be there.

Will we have to wait for the all seeing eyes for this escapade, where life will be a jolly ride?




No one can claim to know oneself completely, and when somebody else claims to know you better than you, its even more absurd. My quest is to understand myself as much as I can in this lifetime. I am a confused lot. Thoughts keep bombarding when I am least prepared. This blog has served as a wonderful starting point to give a form to my creations ( humble). As a thinker, my philosophy is young. My blog is the incoherent journey of my lifes ups and downs which I am trying to make sense of. I follow my intutions and instincts passionately. I have made a lot of mistakes. And learning how to not commit them again is fun. My likes: Biology, Art, Physics, Philosophy, Photography. No dislikes as such.

Opinion folks?

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