Of the past,
Of the times to come,
Of things known,
Of things unknown,
Of unknown unknown,
Of paths not taken,
Of choices made,
Of solitude,
Of people around,
Of people away,
Of people who remember,
Of the ones who forget,
Of the lonely moments,
Of the moments of Joy,
Of desires
Of desperation,
Of ends,
Of beginnings,
Of life after life,
Of prayer and faith,
Of hope and love.


Fisherwomen and the Sea


ஐங்குறுநூறு 192, நெய்தல் திணை – தலைவி தோழியிடம் சொன்னது
கோடுபுலம் கொட்பக் கடலெழுந்து முழுங்கப்
பாடிமிழ் பனித்துறை யோடுகலம் உகைக்கும்
துறைவன் பிரிந்தென நெகிழ்ந்தன
வீங்கின மாதோ தோழி என் வளையே.

Translation –

Friend, his seas swell and roar
making conch shells whirl on the sands.
But fishermen ply their little wooden boats
unafraid of the cold lash of the waves.

Look, my bangles
slip loose as he leaves,
grow tight as he returns,
and they give me away.

Source: https://sangampoemsinenglish.wordpress.com/sangam-tamil-scholar-a-k-ramanujan/

Its a simple yet intense poem and it got my attention because we were recently learning about water policies from seascape perspective. From the discussions we had, it was clear that there is a serious shortcoming in our policies when it comes to coastal ecology and livelihood.

Let’s protect our water, in all its forms. Let’s not forget the lives that we have sold to enjoy a life of comfort and ignorance.  


One evening as I started laughing,
With joy and lightness of heart.
As I started feeling the present,
I felt like laughing more,
Keeping the momentum up.
Didn’t want to stop,
Didn’t care about the stares I got.
Once I stop,
I know not when,
There will be this laughter again.
So I thought,
As one savors the taste of a cake,
or a moment in love,
I wanted to savor my laughter,
So that I can savor the memory later.
For this brain of mine always runs wild,
Making me wary,
Of things past,
Of things yet to come.
But, this lovely evening,
I forgot the whole wide world,
It was only me,
It was only my laughter,
And it was with a lovely companion.
So my dearest friends,
I think I have started to love myself
Love the person I was
Love the person I will be
Love the person I have become.