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Now and then

Resigning to your unexpected fate

cruel and grim kismet

a ping of regret,

in your heart,

poking now and then,

while self accusation takes a toll,

hoping you had done something more,

not brave enough to change the fact,

that you could still do it now and then.



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People of the world

drugged by the past,

when senses fade,

opinions are resisted,

you are introspected.

having met a fine share of (wo)men,

most with opinions from their den.

I Absorb their random comment,

for a further deep thought.

the passive self which was till then at rest.

gets a kick to think through the mess.

Why, when, what did they think,

for some comments invade a private margin.

One such Absurd talk is this:

one said : you lost your smile

and the other wondered why i smiled.

Soon I dwell deep and

ask, have i evolved by a minor feet,

or dissolved by a major beat

Grabbing on my lengthy mane and

sipping a cup of tea,

lost in a thought or two,

I walk my destiny.





T.G.I.F.: Eye on the Weekend — Live & Learn

Source: My Modern Met: Audubon Photo Awards – Long-billed Thrasher. Top 100, Professional Category. Hector Astorga.

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